QOVER – Airbag Solutions


Qover – Airbag Solutions is a control system that assures the quality of the SAB (Side Airbag) assembly. Is the result of more than 10 years of experience in SR Workstations for Car Seat Covers. Qover airbag Solutions aims to be a leading reference in the market where it operates, differentiating itself by its organization and competence. We are professional, competent, acting with empathy. In the development of the work we are diligent, creative, proactive, in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Qover – Airbag Solutions integrates in a single system several specific quality control needs along the SAB production line achieving a highly flexible, customizable, efficient, easier to maintain and cheaper solution. Objectives achievable with implementation can be quality Improvement, non-Quality Cost Reduction, decreased need for human inspection, elimination of human error, improvement of competitive factors, improved customer relationship, identification of defects in later stages of the production process, tool wear pre-detection and notice of need for preventive maintenance.


Global Airbag Solutions for car seats airbags


  • Hypocamp Assembly
  • Airbag Logo Assembly
  • Fusible seam
  • Decorative/French seam
  • Concentrator seam
  • Final set assembly check

Global Airbag Solutions for car seats airbags

  • Artificial vision
  • Color sensor
  • Thread tension sensor
  • Displacement laser sensor

Integrated Airbag Solution

  • Preceding operation status check
  • Production Control System ready
  • Flexible layout setup
  • Machines share information with each other throughout the stages
  • Centralized setup application for all machines (Part numbers, operations, operators, etc)
  • Reduced spare parts stock
We can supply the complete system or just the control software and hardware to attach on any brand of customer’s sewing machines